About Us

EMFYSIS products are made with specialty plant oils, cold pressed from raw ingredients in their most natural state. Unadulterated by excessive heat, solvents, or chemical additives, these ingredients retain all their valuable nutrients — vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants, and rich essential fatty acids — to nourish and hydrate, giving you beautiful and healthy skin.

Ethical & Sustainable.

We use certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients acquired from reputable suppliers that support ethical and sustainable agriculture, harvesting, and production, and are committed to environmental and social responsibility.

We avoid refined plant oils regardless of any certification. These highly processed oils amount to chemically altered ingredients stripped of valuable nutrients and therapeutic properties, are harmful to the environment, and expose workers to health hazards during the manufacturing process.

No Animal Testing.

We don’t believe in animal testing. Instead, we test our products on ourselves, giving us the opportunity to confirm with confidence how fabulously effective our products are. And they really are!

Verified Safe & Effective.

EMFYSIS products are in compliance with the FDA and independently tested for safety and the effectiveness of the plant-derived ingredients we use as preservatives — willow bark extract and radish root ferment.

Small Batch Production.

Behind every EMFYSIS product is dedication to our craft. To ensure quality is never compromised, we built a private workspace with state-of-the-art equipment. Located in San Francisco, we make our products under the highest manufacturing standards, in step with additional sustainability practices of our own.

EMFYSIS natural skincare logo  Fun fact: Our EMFYSIS logo follows the Golden Ratio, a mathematical equation that creates a unique pattern of symmetry and balance in physical form. The Golden Ratio is often found in nature, science, and art, and is recognized as an expression of beauty and perfection.